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Step 1. Place your multi-purpose ladder (MPL) in line with the swivel base and at a distance so that the mast will be hanging over the ladder top a convenient amount. Place your mast’s base inside the swivel cylinder and extend the mast over the MPL ladder. You should have the bottom section and the top section (starting with the lower Reinforcer) showing. The other sections are still compressed in the base section. I had a multi-purpose ladder standing about 7-8 feet high. This accommodated my hex antenna being easily attached to the mast by two people (easier than by oneself). With a smaller antenna, adjust the ladder height to suit your needs. Attach your antenna now and your top level 1 guys, if not yet attached. See Figures 18 and 19.

Step 2. Attaching strap winch to mast. Extend your winch’s strap out enough so that you can place it through the 1″ opening at the 10′ level and down the mast side until it is about fully extended along the mast. Attach it to the top Reinforcer on your 8′ top section with a muffler clamp. See Figures 20 & 23. Note: therefore, your MPL must have 8 steps as safety instructions require you to have two steps above the highest one you need to complete the job. My calculations for the average man’s height, 5′ 9″, to safely disconnect the strap and be able to safely work at the top standoff level requires the 6 MPL steps. This ladder requirement applies to the Stand-Alone/Portable options. See Figure 6.

Figure 18

If attaching the winch strap to the 3rd (top) Reinforcer using the Wall option, your regular MPL works as it can be adjusted to reach the wall at many different safe heights as an MPL or just as a straight ladder.

Figure 19
Figure 6

Note: Level 2 Guy Ropes. You should have them measured and cut and set to install. I don’t install mine until the mast is vertical. That way the ropes are not in the way of activity at the support’s top strap area. It’s easy to connect them after the initial raising (before extending mast sections starts) as this guy ring level will be easy to reach from the ladder’s 6th step.

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