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OUR PURPOSE: To help you build a Pushup Antenna Mast System to include:

  • The Antenna Mast
  • The Mast Support structure

HOW: We put the mast together by joining 5 foot mast sections with HD thick walled 8″ DOM steel Couplers. Then we add 5″ Reinforcers every 2-1/2′ to add strength and rigidity. Up it goes to 30′, 40′, or even higher using a DIY ‘Winch-It-Up’ Mast Support that allows you to work by yourself, if necessary. This is a Complete DIY Package.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the products which are explained more fully in Products and other links on this site.

Antenna Mast Material choices: (see Products for details)

  • 1.9″ OD galvanized fence rail (industry size 1-7/8″) available in several wall thicknesses locally available to most
  • 1.740″ OD EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing – industry size 1-1/2″) 16 gauge wall available locally at home supply stores.

Couplers, Reinforcers, Guy Ring Retainer (GRR), Guy Rings:

  • 8″ long DOM steel Couplers that join and reinforce 5′ sections of mast.
  • 5″ long DOM steel Reinforcers area placed midway on 5 footers for extra rigidity & strength.
  • The Guy Ring Retainer (GRR) that’s placed near the top of the mast to hold the top guy ring in place.
  • Guy Rings that are non-metallic units made by Max-Gain Systems, Inc. that we can supply competitively.

DIY Mast Support Structure: The plans for building your 4×4 pressure treated ‘Winch-It-Up’ Mast Support complete with standoff brackets and a strap winch. Alternatively, two standoffs placed on a wall or on a 4×4 pressure treated beam will work well.

Standoff Brackets: Standoffs are available from many online sources. 3-4″ brackets that are sized for a 2-1/2″ mast should work for this application.

To get a full understanding of these DIY projects, you should read all the links on this website before starting them.

The DIY ‘WINCH-IT-UP’ MAST SUPPORT was designed to complement and facilitate the use of our products.