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Step 1. Placing the top standoff bracket.

With your bottom section secured by the lower standoff and the mast base within the marked circle, climb the ladder and place the top standoff on the 1×12″ board and eyeball where this 1-1/4″ OD mast section will line up with the center of the standoff’s back section. With your marker, spot mark the mounting holes for the standoff. Now disconnect the lower standoff and lay the mast on the ground. With a drill and 5/16″ bit, drill the two mounting holes for the top standoff and attach the standoff with two 5/16″x 1-1/2 bolts/nuts.

Step 2. Procedure for Mounting the Yaesu G450A Rotator on Top of Section 5 (1-1/4′ OD). NOTE: If bottom mounting your rotator, DISREGARD THIS STEP.

Mark and center punch through the hole that’s in 1-1/2″ on the 6″ AR. Unless you have a drill press to guarantee a straight and lined up through hole, I suggest that you mark and center punch from both sides of the AR. Remove the AR. Drill a 5/16″ (11/32″ bit gives more flexibility) hole through the one wall from both sides. Start with a smaller drill bit size. Make sure that you are centered and straight as is possible. File the burrs. Now, with the 6″ AR back on, line up the four holes on the 1-1/2″ in hole end, and slide a 5/16″ bolt through. If the bolt doesn’t slide easily, you will have the elongate the offending hole to fit. Next, place the attached G-450A Rotator lower clamp over the 6″ AR, line up the holes with the G-450A’s through bolt hole and install the factory through bolt through the lower clamp, the 6″ AR and the 1-1/4″ OD mast end. With the hex head bolt tightened, your rotator is now locked in place and secure.

Step 3. Guy ropes for level 1 (top).

Depending on your situation and antenna size, 3 or 4 guy ropes per level will work. I used 4 rope guys for the top level and three for levels below this one. Attach these level 1 (top) ropes to the guy ring now or wait until the next step is completed. Note: If raising the telescopic with a heavy antenna and rotator on top, I STRONGLY URGE the use of 4 guys on the top level.

Each antenna base is different, but each CAN require a length of metal between the antenna base and the rotator. My base required a 1.9″ OD piece. On newer hex bases, there may be a metal mounting piece protruding out below the base, so your mast may match either the inside or the outside diameter for an easy hookup. If not, you may use clamps that join two pipes together (available from the K4KIO website).

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