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PART 1. Adding Reinforcers:

This consists of installing 5″ Reinforcers, a Guy Ring Retainer (GRR) and a 6″ Adapter Reinforcer (AR) on the top section only. If going directly from the mast to your antenna, you use the 6″ Adapter Reinforcer for extra rigidity. If, using a G-450A in between, going from the mast to the bottom of the rotator, you MUST use a 6″ Adapter Reinforcer. There is a second hole, a through hole, near the middle of the Adapter that you use for the rotator’s lower clamp’s throughbolt.

Step 1. Starting at the top of mast section 5, the 1-1/4″OD one, for the 6″ Adapter, measure down 5-3/8″, center punch the mast and drill a 5/16″ hole (One Wall Only). Measure in again from the top end 7-1/2 to 8″ and mark and drill another 5/16″ hole-one wall only. The 2nd hole is for placement of a 1″ wide Guy Ring Retainer to hold the top factory Guy Ring.

Step 2. Placing the Reinforcers: Using the 9H50 or equivalent, the top section should have about 90″ visible when extended. Measure down 50″ from the mast’s top and mark this spot for the location of the 2nd Reinforcer. From here measure 20″ in both directions and mark the spots. These are the locations for the 1st and 3rd Reinforcers.

Drilling the Holes-my Procedure.

I have already center punched each spot for a hole. I start with a smaller drill bit and work my way up to the 5/16″ bit. I use a small brush and dab my holes with any motor/chain saw oil as I proceed. Don’t forget to Drill Through One Wall Only, unless instructed otherwise.

Step 3. Installing the Reinforcers, GRR and Adapter.

Note: Make sure the 2nd down factory guy ring and clamp are in place sitting on the top of the 1-1/2″ OD mast section before you start installing your Reinforcers.

Install parts from the top down. Slide all Reinforcers on first then the GRR. After installing the GRR, the top factory guy ring (don’t forget it) sits on the GRR. Finally, install the 6″ Adapter with the threaded hole end going on first . Line up the bolt holes and install the 5/16″ hex head bolts except on the two lower Reinforcers-leave them loose at this time.

Note on factory guy rings:

I used the top three factory guy rings as my mast is about 34′ high. With the two standoff brackets on the 4×4 mast providing support, and the guy level at the top of the 4x4x10′ beam providing support, the lower two factory guy rings are not needed.

In summary, 3 factory guy rings are used with the top one sitting on my GRR and the 2nd and 3rd ones in factory positions.

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